Palia Kavala Footpath (The water road)

The Palia Kavala Footpath is a route that is certainly worth walking! Follow it to uncover a landscape of exceptional natural beauty. The path is dotted with ancient perennial plane trees giving off natural shade, refreshing crystal blue springs of water and a myriad of different flora and snaking ivy. As you wander along you are likely to hear the splashing of the nearby waterfall. It is 10 meters high and Its gushing waters have created two pools, which you can dive into to cool yourself off in the summer months. Make sure to stop at the ruins of an old watermill hidden in the dense vegetation, used by locals to grind their wheat as well as an old water closet, which served to wash capes and carpets.

The path aside from its aesthetics also has historical and cultural value. Part of the route follows the same path known as the, “Water Road” which supplied the town of Kavala with water during the Turkish occupation. The path is 3 km long and is located directly next to Zygos-Palia Kavala road. To access it one must go to the entrance of the village of Palia Kavala and follow a sloping dirt road on the right of Zafiris tavern.

Tip: Length: 3 km, Degree of difficulty: Easy, Ideal for families, nature lovers and hikers. Book a mountain guide for hiking on the path.

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