Our Team

Our objective is to build a window into ‘real Greece’, help visitors connect with local businesses and get an authentic experience. We have partnered with a network of resident businesses eager to help you experience the best that the region has to offer. All our partners share our passion for quality, authenticity and respect for the true Greek values.

Gesthimani is an cultural manager passionate about the ecological development of the region. She combining all of her personal passions and professional skills to identify, prepare and deliver to our guests Authentic Greek experiences.

Yannis T. is a Property manager who helps us find houses and accommodations satisfying our standards of quality and aesthetic harmony.

Danae is a pharmacist and sailing enthusiast, lover of the sea and a caring personality. She will welcome our sailing cruise guests and ensure an unforgettable experience.

Johannes is a Swedish multi talented entrepreneur who currently studies in the US. He is fully motivated by Greece Authentic vision and he help us develop our website and its application.

Yannis G. born and raised at the foot of Pangaion Mountain, is a true local with close relation with history and nature. He studied Political science but his love for outdoors activities led him to work as outdoors and tour guide on mountain trekking for our region.

Angeliki is an archeologist and is a professional licensed guide. Upon meeting Angeliki you will immediately realize that the profession fits her perfectly and you will feel comfortable and relaxed as she explains the myths, the history and the culture of the her homeland she loves so greatly.

Yannis Z. is a botanologist and expert in the biodiversity of the region. He can accompany the trekking expeditions adding some of his expertise to our nature lovers.

Anastasia is on the forefront of bringing authentic, delicious Greek cuisine at your home. She will welcome you to her Greek table for a feast of food, wine and culture from one of the most timeless cuisines and countries in the world.

Mikael is a Swedish management consultant who tries to put some discipline in our work. Mikael is also the husband of Meni and first visited the region in 1991 and has been coming here every year since then.

Sociality is a digital communications cooperative based in Athens, Greece. They are the team behind the web and marketing infrastructure of Greece Authentic.