The prefecture of Xanthi consists of a splendid natural environment combined with northern Greek history and tradition. Visitors are guaranteed a wonderful holiday and a true experience of authentic Greece.

Nature lovers will find that the region is an unspoiled paradise. The snaking Nestos River passes through forming a delicate ecosystem home to rich plant and animal life. The large lake Vistonida stands out as being one of the most beautiful wetlands in Greece where the green hues of the forests meet the Aegean Sea. The Rhodope mountain range rises in the northeast of the area and is covered in deep green forests and traditional Greek villages renown for their cultural and architectural authenticity.

The city of Xanthi has been built at the foot of the Rhodope mountain range. Its old town is famous throughout Greece for its distinct architecture reflecting its complex history. Impressive mansions, Byzantine churches, picturesque squares and Ottoman mosques decorate the cobbled narrow streets of the town. It has experienced a blend of culture, race and religion leaving it with a special character and ambience.

Today, Xanthi is a lively and bustling town. Every Saturday a huge, colourful bazaar is held where locals sell various organic fruits and vegetables, Greek products and delicacies. In the evenings local bars and nightclubs are filled with people chatting and dancing away into the early hours of the night. The locals continue to celebrate their multicultural influences through various annual festivals and celebrations. A carnival is held every March, which can only be described as a huge street party full of music and dance. The old town festival occurs every September and the river Nestos music festival is held during the summer months. Party like a Greek and join in the celebration of Xanthi’s unique past and vibrant culture.