The County of Drama is a magical, undiscovered region tucked away in the North-eastern corner of Greece.

The area retains an exceptional, natural beauty with luscious green landscape surrounded by striking mountains. Falakro in the north, the Rhodope Mountains sitting northeast and Menoikio southwest make the idea playground for any adventure seeker who enjoys skiing, trekking or climbing. The region also contains splendid valleys, enchanting forests, mystical caves as well the Nestos River which winds through the country gifting it with a delicate ecosystem and diverse plant and animal life. The river is ideal for bird watching or canoeing, sure to impress any nature lover.

The area is also renown for its exquisite wine. Indeed, the microclimate of Drama combined with its proximity to the Rhodope Mountains creates the perfect environment for extensive vineyards to grow and thrive. There are up to six wineries located in the county.

The city of Drama itself is a lively hotspot with a rich culture and interesting past. Its chequered history has been well preserved through the city’s architecture including old Ottoman mansions, tobacco warehouses and Byzantine ruins. Festivals are held annually to celebrate local customs and tradition including the celebration of Dionysus (God of wine), the Short Film Festival and Eleftheria in commemoration of the city’s liberation.