Hiking in the straits of Nestos River

The straits of Nestos river form the natural border between the districts of Kavala and Xanthi. This area is home to a unique and delicate habitat, one of the 5 top biotypes in Europe. It is naturally composed of a multitude of ecosystems, which are closely related, allowing a diversity of flora and fauna to flourish and thrive.

An exciting hike awaits you as you traverse the rich forests with oak, cedar and willow trees. You may come across wild horses and different bird species including herons and eagles. Breathtaking botanical gardens can be found during your excursion filled with beautiful wild flowers. There are also lagoons and coastland dunes scattered about, home to various insects and amphibians.

Tip: Length: 5km, Degree of Difficulty: Easy, Ideal for nature lovers and hikers. Book a mountain guide for hiking on the path.

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