Mohammed Ali Museum

Mohammed Ali, born in 1769 in Kavala was the founder of the Egyptian dynasty. His residence built in 1780-1790 is located on the peninsula of Panagia and is now a museum open to visitors. It remains one of the most impressive surviving examples of 18th century Ottoman architecture in Greece.

In the south section one can visit the selamlik, which contained the men’s quarters, the Pasha’s private room and the reception area for guests. In the north section is the harem where the women’s quarters were located and the hamam (bath).”

Tip: Book a full tour to Mochamet Ali’s Museum and Imaret and Halil Bey Mosque.

He combined the visit to Imaret with her in the in-house museum of Muhammad Ali’s home, and then enjoyed a drink in the fine garden of the museum.
Opening Hours: Thusday to Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00
Tickets General Admission: 2,00 €, Children & Students: 1,00 €
Telephone: +30 2510 620151

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