The Imaret is a significant Ottoman monument still standing in Kavala. Mohammed Ali built the structure in 1817 to function as a theological college for Islamic instruction as well as a charitable institution.

In the Ottoman era an Imaret was a center usually comprised of complex buildings, which had multiple functions. It often included a market place, a mosque, a college and a kitchen, which offered food to the poor.

As of 2001 the Egyptian state gave its permission for the building to be fully restored and converted into a luxurious hotel. It has an exceptional ambiance, which has been carefully crafted through elegant design and without compromising its 19th century style.

The hotel now offers walking tours so that visitors can view the two seminaries, two large domed prayer rooms, the elementary school for boys and the area, which functioned as a soup kitchen for the poor regardless of their religion.”

Tip: The guided tours of Imaret are only by appointment, please contact us to book your tour.

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