Clay Treatment

Nature has created its very own therapeutic spa! Take the time to relax and care for your body by visiting the Krinides Mud Bath.

Specific biochemical conditions and complex physical mechanisms have been at work to produce the right environment for this powerful clay. It is said to possess various healing properties both for the skin and for internal muscular or joint pain and can also rejuvenate the vitality of the skin. The mud bath is located 171 km from Thessaloniki, 17 km from Kavala and is within 3 km of the village of Krinides.”

Tip: Visit the clay treatment home and see impressive results for soft skin and hair with 4 clay treatments.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00
Operating Period: June – October
Tickets General Admission Mud Treatment: 6,00 €
General Admission Hydrotherapy Treatment: 5,00 €
Massage: from 20,00€
Telephone: +30 2510 516162

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